About Naima

Right after the entrance examination of my student Lukáš Kubičina at Utrecht’s Conservatory. We made it! Proud!

About Naima

Naima Drumhouse is a drum school located in Thessaloniki, Greece. It provides private drum lessons as well as accurate preparation for students who are interested in studying abroad at Music Conservatories around Europe. The preparation refers to the entrance examination of the students, for the particular Conservatory they apply to.

Drum Lesson consist of: 

  • Technique (Rudiments,Sound)
  • Skill to read/write, Sight-Reading
  • Rhythmic Dictee
  • Learning various styles (Rock,Funk,Jazz,Latin etc)
  • Improvisation Skills

During my studies at the Jazz & Pop Department of Utrecht’s Conservatory, I had the chance to get a glimpse of the approach to music education, the students’ difficulty in adapting to their studies as well as the new lifestyle of the city they had just moved to. After discussions I have with various teachers from Conservatories, they all admit that  ‘’ Good preparation matters’’.

Preparation to go abroad consists of: 

  • Check Conservatories around Europe. (There are more than 100)
  • Decide which of them they seem to fit on the student. (Style, Language, Attitude etc)
  • Get prepared for the Entrance Examination. (Accurate preparation according to what the Conservatory requires)


Entrance examination (auditions) in Music Conservatories in Europe, require:


  • Drums: Technique, real-time playing with a combo on the music style the student gets examined to. (For instance, in case of examination in a Jazz Department, they need Jazz Repertoire, etc.)
  • Music Theory: Recognition of scales, chords, skills of shifting melodies higher or lower in pitch.
  • Ear Training: Intervals, Chords, Bass lines.

*Each music Conservatory might differ on the requirements about the entrance examinations.

My purpose through Naima Drumhouse is the accurately prepare the students, according to the particular music Conservatory the fit the most, as well as to connect the music scene of Thessaloniki with musicians all around Europe.

Naima Drumhouse teaches the art of drumming, according to what each student needs.